Le Peloton #16

Today it should have been cold again and it was announced to ride CX on the CX-loop. As I’ve sold my CX I asked Patrik if I could borrow his, and he said yes 😀

Specialized Crux Pro Carbon with Sram CX1, Roval Rapide CLX 40 disc wheels with Specialized Terra mudtyres, S-Works saddle, CG-R seatpost, stem and handlebar.

So top of the line and first ride with CX1 and with hydraulic disc brakes. I am used to a great cx frame like my Cannondale SuperX and can’t say I felt any difference. The difference was round and fast. Wheels are important and these ones where very stiff and the ceramic bearings helped me as they never stopped rolling.

So the start looked like this:

With many riders going on road and Magnus taking a picture from the other side. Where just 5 who was riding the cx loop, a lot less percent than it was on the Facebookside.

Anyway the Crux was fast and I felt pretty good too. Beat my record of keeping up with Nils. fter trying to ride fast alone I ended up going slow and waiting for Magnus who some meters behind and then riding with him the rest. We kept the pace up much better than I would manage alone and as he’s strong I suffered like the Peloton is meant to do.

In the end there is a Strava section called Last Woodsection and is about 500m. Slighty uphill mostly and a small downhill in the end. Today I left Magnus and aimed for a PR there and did it with 9 seconds 🙂 10th overall of 206 riders now.

Ended up doing a PR on the complete loop too, beat my record with 5min 36seconds 😀 Great ride ending with a great breakfast at Le Mond, today with a new/another girl working there.

Map and stats: Movescount

Have to get a really good wheelset for my roadbike after Belgium next week. Today I felt it again. Roval Rapide CLX40 and Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate have made me feel difference between good and not so good wheels for real.


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