Le Peloton #17

Some days are better than others or my Belgium trip made a difference. Woke up and got ready this morning and rode to Urban Deli for Le Peloton. Took a shortcut on a bit of gravel too, missing Belgium 😉

Many fast cyclists as usual and I thought of joining the 2nd group to ride the shorter lap and to be able to keep up better. But the 2nd group today was different from when I caught them some weeks ago. It went pretty fast and I was just up and did my job around 5 times.

Went fast and I got dropped up the climb to Hellasgården but got help from Nicolas and another guy who also got dropped to get up again. Hard to keep the wheel in front until Älta and the pace slowed down a bit. Around a loop I never ridden (always took the shortcut) and then the fast roads to Skarpnäck. Between Skarpnäck and Enskededalen where the Le Peloton course ends I went up to the front once again but was dropped pretty fast afterwards with my legs standing straight out.

47min and 28sec which gave me a 6th time on the 2nd group Strava segment. The group should keep 32-34km/h but today it was 35km/h. 😀 Starting to get a great feeling riding with speed and not just getting dropped and feeling weak, so fun to feel.

And of course, a breakfast at Cykelcafé Le Mond:

Also had changed my saddle for today. After been riding slippery carbon fibre saddles and changed to a saddle where I couldn’t slip didn’t work. A Specialized Romin 130mm on now which felt perfect. Great shape, great look and great feel 🙂 Just the weight that isn’t that great. So my bike today missing fast wheels:

Map and stats: Movescount


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