Le Peloton #18

Continuing the trend from wednesday and love the spring riding. New Peloton today and new wheels for me. Had to try.

Not as many riders today as on wednesday:

Rode all together first then it ended with 4 groups. 1st group of 4 riders did the big loop with Fisksätra, me and 4 others did the 2nd group ride and turned up Saltsjö-Duvnäs climb after sitting on the wheels of first group until that moment. Then there was 2 riders behind taking the shortcut in Älta. And 2 guys riding the CX loop.

Wasn’t going around all the way today but a bit better than on wednesday and the group did work pretty good sometimes but maybe a bit too few riders. Funny was that the fastest bike in our 2nd group was my friends Eskil’s old bike 😉

Even got a picture from the ride:

Was going around on the last straight and in the small uphill before Enskededalen I was in the front, no one came and helped so put the pressure at my maximum and got first with many meters at the Enskededalen sign where the segment ends 🙂

Great morning with a big loss of riders going to Le Mond for breakfast. Only 2 of 5 riders from our group and 1 of 4 riders from the first group did eat a proper breakfast. Missing the important part 😉

And now back at work and got a picture of my bike today the new Shimano Dura-Ace C50 wheels with Vittoria Corsa SC tyres 🙂 Super stiff and felt fast 🙂 Much easier to maintain speed.

More about the wheels this evening.


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