Keps Cup Muskö

Should be (and is) a lot of wind today so wasn’t that tempted to ride on road. So instead I asked a friend if he was racing and if he had a place for me in his car. He had 🙂


Then the race. A pretty flat easy course with a lot of muddy sections. With a startclimb that was a bit too long for me 😉 6 laps on a 2,3km course was a great intervall. Chased Magnus for over half of the race and when he did a mistake I got up to him and a bit after that I passed him. Great to race against people you know racing in the same category. Even when they smile and you suffer:


Here is some random pictures from Bengt Grönkvist:

11150820_10153246496373245_433378280869586485_n 11150283_10153246491058245_5600974130151826306_n 11130206_10153246493228245_6849316317363833872_n 11100779_10153246487243245_1374239706541444067_n 11069608_10153246487398245_2807324220570035659_n 18010_10153246496243245_2031412255140262380_n 11034184_10153246488923245_5386658625199202179_n

And Tomas who I went there with, fast guy on a nice Epic:


The great service at small free race, washing afterwards. Magnus washing while me and Tomas is waiting:


Don’t know how it went yet but that’s not the most important. The most important is that it was fun and super training. Hard to push yourself as hard as on a race when just training.

Map and stats: Movescount


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