SCS Breakfast Club, Enduro style

Met up with Patrik this morning for the weekly ride. But the Kangas brothers where late so changed the plan a bit. Instead of riding same ride we rode a couple of downhills waiting for the others. Then it was endurotraining all the way. Alexander and Oliwer is really fast going down but the are as fast uphill too, hade a hard time trying to follow. Both of them and Patrik och Specialized Enduro bikes. Looking like this in the middle of Hammarbybacken:

And after Oliwer came with the stupid idea to climb to the top it looked like this, blurry as it was steep in the end, too steep. But great training:

And a view the other way, great view of a part of Stockholm, city to the left:

Map and stats of this hard but beautiful and fun morning: Movescount


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