3 new groupsets: Sram Force 1, Sram GX and Shimano XT8000

Sram is trying and showing their new groupset Force 1 which also seems to be available as Rival 1. The 1 stands for 1×11:

For a gravelbike, sure. But for a roadbike I would like tighter and more steps, like today.

But Sram is also coming with an even cheaper 1×11 drivetrain for mtb now called Sram GX:

Don’t really know the new things is except it should be heavier and cheaper. But the train Sram also jumps on now is more chainrings on the front, or the possibility to choose. GX is available as a 2×11 drivetrain as well:

for use with the 10-42 cassette. More info here: Pinkbike

And then, maybe the biggest news. Sram now got 4 1×11 drivetrain while Shimano only got XTR. But here it is:

Shimano XT8000:

Available as 1×11, 2×11 and even 3×11. XTR9000 a bit cheaper and way more black. So bigger cassette, bigger platform on the new pedals and wider rims as the big news (and the extra gear).

XT8000 also got 2 cassette optiions. 11-40 or a little bigger 11-42:

More info here: Pinkbike

5 tankar på “3 new groupsets: Sram Force 1, Sram GX and Shimano XT8000

  1. Hej igen,
    Chansar att fråga dig igen.
    Har ett par hjul till min MTB som det sitter XTR på. Har bytt till Sram xx1 i år och jag undrar om det är kompatibelt med varandra på body nivå. Går det att ha Sram kassett på en Shimano body, eller måste jag beställa en ny sådan.


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