Sörmlandsleden, 3 parts of it

Being free from work a friday a sunny day have a ”date” planned with an awesome women riding mtb then you know it’s going to be a good day.

Met up Jessica at work (yes, I had a day off) and after a bit of talking with my boss everything changed, he came with a suggestion to ride Sörmlandsleden to Haninge instead of riding in Hellas and crossing the city to Lidingö for the end.

Riding a very small part of Sörmlandsleden before and it is good. There are some fast sections:

Sometimes thinking of where we are in the middle of a tree:

Sometimes enjoying some sick slickrock riding:

But a lot of the ride was about tackling roots, roots, stones, roots and more roots. Every root is at Sörmlandsleden trying to stop every bit of flow we could found. Every! But with a Camber and an Era we tackled it. My Camber felt absolutely perfect and could climb better than any mountain goat that would find its way to Stockholm.

The small minus with my Camber is the rider on top, he’s not so good sometimes 😉 Charged to much twice and first time I was dropping half a meter but it went ok. Second time my front wheel slipped of the dry singletrack and I crashed so I got a couple of small wounds and a mark on the top tube. But that’s mtb.

Came to Tyresta by, filled up with water and thought about time. Jessica had a training camp to reach so we skipped the last planned section and used our 10t rear sprockets more and got back to Stockholm on gravel and asphalt roads.

Home again after many hours, 3h26min riding time on my Suunto, 3h34min according to Strava. Tired and satisfied with my day of work. 🙂 Motivation is good as long as I have someone to ride with now (easy in Stockholm) so enjoying life the good way.

Map and stats today: Movescount If you follow me on Strava you can see I got a KOM (of 2015) today too 😀


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