An easy sunday ride

Rode with CK Valhall for the first time on roadbikes on a sunday ride today. A lot of strong guys and me:

Rode out to Ingarö to do two race laps there. Was supposed to not go too fast out to Ingarö but it was going too fast for me sometimes. Got dropped for real first time right before Gustavsberg, and then again up the ”climb” after Gustavsberg. Of with legwarmers and gloves in Brunn and started with the others with a plan to go 1 lap and then have a ”fika” with Robin. Got dropped almost really early and did the lap alone.

Today riding a S-Works Roubaix with Sram Red and disc brakes:

With wheels that never stop rolling, ceramic bearings is another world. really stabile bike with awesome brakes. But attacking to reach the others and going fast wasn’t the best, great bike for long nice rides. Like the one I hoped for today.

Back from Brunn me and Robin met Viktor who joined us, had a fika and then rode back to Stockholm. Like this:

Back at Specialized Concept Store where we started I changed bike to my Daily and rode home. Really fun to ride a regular bike but with cycling clothes and real pedals. Got one PR on the way back home 😉

Map and stats from the Roubaix ride: Movescount

My style today, new clubclothes from POC:

Really fun to try the Roubaix and it’s all clear that my next roadbike will have discbrakes.


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