Le Peloton #22

The day started trying getting a PR on a Strava segment right outside my door, failed and still fastest with the Roubaix last sunday 😉

Not as many riding Le Peloton today like last week, maybe the weather was the key to that:

On this picture you can see my Swedish idol in mtb. Had the honour to ride with Fredrik Kessiakoff today (for a while). A classy rider that knows how to ride and when I suffered up to Fisksätra today it seemed so easy for him, but worse for some other riders.

Today I rode with the 1st group, rode smart and felt relaxed. Being stressed is never a good thing when you try to push the maximum. Up to the Fisksätra sprint I was in the peloton, not helping but still there. Back to Saltsjö-Duvnäs I got in the wrong lane and ended up in the front for a short while, that’s when I failed. Was a too big effort for me so dropped just before Saltsjö-Duvn’s. But connected when the slowed down to turn and sat as last rider. Hard right up Ektorpbacken and I got dropped for real.

Rode alone to Nacka Forum before the 2nd group came. Joined them for the rest and ended with some PR and some 2nd and 3rd times. Satisfied with the ride and felt that I did my best. But still learning riding good and is trying to be better every ride. 🙂

Back at Le Mond having a good breakfast and looking down at the elite table 😉

Map and stats: Movescount

Going home after work I was a bit in going fast mood so pushed on a bit and got a couple of really good times 😀


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