Specialized Tarmac S-Works or PRO? or an alu Allez?

Weight of a bike isn’t everything but no one can say against that a light bike feels better than a heavy one no matter how you ride. Road bikes can easily be built under 6,8kg so you’re not allowed to race with them but it’s not so many who race.

The source of a bike is the frame so is it worth spending  32000SEK for a frameset instead of like 24000SEK. Or can you go alu at 8-9000SEK?

Specialized S-Works Tarmac with OPQS paint in size 52:

1079g including bottombracket, seatclamp and seatpostdummy.

uncut fork. The seatpostdummy included is this:

framesetweight for S-Works: 1079-27+377=1429g

A Pro frameset with less paint as it’s satin carbon and hyper green:

uncut fork:

lighter fork, heavier frameset. Total: 1182-27+363=1518g

So what about aluminium? Allez in Multi Keyline, here without seatclamp and bottombracket:

uncut fork:

adding bottombracket and seatclamp to compare: 1159+49+22+424=1654g

S-Works: 1429g for 31998SEK

PRO: 1518g for 23998SEK

Allez alu: 1654g for around 9000SEK

If we just watch at the weight it cost a bit. All frames in size 52. 102SEK per saved gram compared an alu Allez with a S-Works Tarmac. That’s a high cost but you get more than just weightsaving. A better feeling bike, a bike that corners better, a bike that is more comfortable and helps you go faster is worth a lot.

But a fun comparsion 🙂

2 tankar på “Specialized Tarmac S-Works or PRO? or an alu Allez?

  1. Oj, att de var så tunga jämfört med vissa andra märken visste jag inte. Trodde nog att en S-Works i 52 skulle ligga en bit under kilot om jag ska vara ärlig.

  2. 1429g thats quite heavy for a frame set that cost around 32000SEK…for that kind of money i would rather buy for example a Scott Addict SL or AX Lightness vial EVO if the weightsaving was most important when buy a frame in that price range.


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