Le Peloton #23 + mtb

It was wet, it started raining halfways and it was freezing afterwards. A dreamstart of a wednesday of us that came to Le Peloton this morning:

2 groups today and I started in the first group as usual. Not so many today so sat as last rider but we dropped 2 guys before Fisksätra. And up the climb to the sprintfinish I sat as second, felt pretty good and advanced until I came on the first guys wheel. 😀

Was first for a bit when we went a bit slower at Fisksätra but ended in the back when it started to go fast on the way back. I hung on, even we dropped a guy in Hellas I was still there. From Sickla the last turn to Älta it started raining a lot and after we passed Älta I had to put my glasses up as I didn’t see anything. Options was not seeing or getting water in my eyes. Didn’t do any work today but managed to hang on and really happy with that with that rainy weather.

Back at Le Mond we where only two riders first, me and Niklas:

With company from the owner and Magnus who punctured came a bit later. Boring that we where so few eating a good breakfast. But a cold one, both me and Niklas sat shaking and talked about getting a cold.

Looked like this riding in the morning:

But got a bit better after a warm shower and some dry clothes.

So a day of work and then my plan was to ride my mtb home as I will use it tomorrow. But Jaime changed the plan and with a weather changed to 19° and sun we rode a mtbride together 🙂 Jaime happy on his Epic:

Awesome ride and now I know, it’s very fun to ride mtb with both Jaime and his girlfriend Jessica. Funny couple 🙂

We rode XC today and sometimes on really good tracks and sometimes on a bit worse. Really fun to push on sometimes and feel a great flow and always nice to ride with fast riders with the same type of bike. My Camber was better when it was technical and I took some different lines but the Epic is impossible to beat in a sprint.

2h55min training today in rain and sun. Awesome 😀


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