how to: Start a weekday

Step 1: Find a good friend that likes mtb.

Step 2: Decide a time and place to meet

Step 3: Go out and ride with your friend(s) on some nice trails in the sun:

Step 4: Eat breakfast together

Awesome morning today with some hard training. Magnus had a plan of going 5 laps around a 8min track. We did a masterlap and then did 4 fast laps on some fast trails, some technical places, a ocuple of fun climbs, a lot of roots on sideways. When it’s trails and weather like this you don’t care when the heart rate peaks and you slip and slide on the wet roots from yesterdays rain, you just smile.

Tried to be new school today too with my new kit from Specialized. Atlas XC baggy pants and jersey. With a SWAT bib under with pockets. Great concept when you want to be cool, don’t want to bring a backpack but have things with you 🙂

These clothes worked great and felt great for mtb, even going fast XCstyle. The thing with them that felt wrong and according to me was wrong was when I left work this evening and headed home with my roadbike. Fully matched kit including shoes (and cleats) but not so great fit with my bike 😉

Didn’t felt fast either so roadbike=lycra (and white socks).

Map and stats from our morningride: Movescount


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