Commuting the longer way

Yesterday I had a thought of riding a bit today so I wouldn’t rest 3 days in a row. No one to ride with and no plans made me take my roadbike and do a longer loop to work. Today for the first time with my classy Specialized oversocks:

And trying a pair of Oakley Jawbreaker Cavendish edition:

Went to Älta and that way before aiming for a PR on a small climb in Sickla at work. 1,5 week ago I got a PR there with 17,3km/h (1min13sec) in average and first time I had 13,3km/h. Last time was riding with She Rides and guiding. Today I was alone, I had the chain on the big ring and I was standing. Pushing to get a good time up that little climb. 39sec and average speed was 32,5km/h 😀

Got a lot of PR on the morning ride, good start. Map and stats here if you don’t follow me on Strava: Movescount

Then a day of work and got the question from Jessica if I wanted to ride with her and She Rides. They came but left a bit earlier than I got out from work but we would meet at the GP race in Älta. Went there trying to catch 3 guys from CK Valhall without luck. Helped a guy at the race and went for the start/finish. The group of She Rides arrived a bit later, had a puncture and so on the way. Watched the race a bit before we continued a nice ride in boring weather. A bit of rain that seems to have been worse after I left the group to ride home. I think I found a new way home from work at least. Nice with a bit longer loops when I want to train after work.

Map and stats of my and our ride here: Movescount


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