the emptiness

of not riding Le Peloton is a bit odd. Today it was supposed to rain all night and day so skipped Le Peloton this morning. Haven’t seen any pictures from it either so maybe it didn’t happen. But the strange thing of not feeling heavy legs on wednesday is a bit strange. When I also forgot to start my watch when I rode to work made the day even more empty. Got a nice lift home so no riding to report of today.

Also forgot to take a picture of my even more colourfull Allez.

Topping with missing the legend of cycling at work.

A day to forget, a day that just passed, a day of waiting, a day of stress. But it’s not worthless, Heard some great bike news, have laughed at work, have fixed a lot of bikes, have invested in the future. 🙂

Ending with a picture of the guy that helped another guy to learn about weight so he could pass the it forward to a young guy like me many years ago:


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