Le Peloton #24

Once you’ve done it you know it can be done again. The first time is always the hardest?

A great group of cyclists gathered at Urban Deli this morning:

Then we rolled away in three groups. I joined 1st as usual with the target to hang on as far as possible. Found a great wheel and tried to hold it, sometimes further back and sometimes a bit further in front in the big group. Max heartrate at 186 in the climb before coming up to Fisksätra. Learning by doing helped me hang on and then it went easy around Fisksätra before accelerating on the way back. Felt like I would drop any moment but hanged on and went good up the climb in Ektorp too. Even feeling easy for a moment before we hit the big road and it started to go fast again. Almost dropped again but found a wheel.

Went good through Sickla but then as usual it happens up passing Hästhagen up to Hellasgården. A small gap in the beginning that I covered once, then the second time I didn’t have anything in my legs to do. Just to watch the peloton slip away and it felt like I didn’t have any power left and my legs standing straight out without going forward.

Got company from another guy through Älta who took the shortcut. I took the long way (Strava-segment you know) and a bit before Flaten I got company by 2 other guys. Us three rode together and did our part of the work all the way back to Enskededalen. All of us so tired finishing so the first bit to Le Mond was quiet before we caught the breath and started to talk a bit 😉 Hard life but great weather in the end.

Coming to bikecafé Le Mond for breakfast was great, good food and could sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather 😀

Map and stats: Movescount Even got a PR on the way to the meetingplace trying to drop a commuter 😉

Todays outfit from Café du Cycliste:

Colorfull bike, clean clothing 😉 (except the red Specialized vest I had on the ride;)


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