Le Peloton #25

Made rename the blog from wwblog to traingblog 😉 training everyday without even like to train 😉 But what I like to do is to ride a light bike fast with friends 🙂

People says my Specialized Allez is light so I use it 😉 Le Peloton this morning and as it is friday it wasn’t as many as on a wednesday. But many for a friday 🙂

What I like more is style, I think cycling is an art and I want to be a part of it. Not just one in the bunch. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not but I will always aim to be better. A friend who didn’t succeed today looked like this:

If you don’t have the same model of tire front and rear, you should at least have the same colour. But those shoes, those are so cool and so right now in this fluo (and cammo) era.

Then we rode, fast and a bit too fast at some points for me. Felt that I would drop the 1st group a lot of times but I kept finding wheels hanging on at the tail. Impressed by a rider like Daniel Rytz who can drop down and then pass the peloton on the outside and attack, hard training with results there.

Before Flaten I had to drop but the group had to stop waiting for some cars just after so got back up. Then coming to Skarpnäck I didn’t manage to hang proper, When having over 170 in heartrate and then standing up and sprint to cover a gap then you know you’re screwed. Coming to the last long straight I was the first to drop, didn’t have anything in my legs left and I couldn’t even ride in proper pace so slowed down a lot to just get forward and finish the ride. Felt a lot harder than on wednesday.

So nice to end with a great breakfast at bikecafé Le Mond in the sun afterwards:

Map and stats: Movescount

A fun thing is that the cycling seems to make other results than expected on me. At work today I found out that I become more flexible than before 🙂



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