Allez Pro-build part 1

When I build a bike for myself it’s a mix of a lot of parts and I usually got no problem to use different brands on different things. And I’ll take what I can find that suits.

Building a bike for another person is a bit different. Not having the same knowledge and perspectives, or parts laying around can make it a bit more boring. Or just classy Pro with many components from same place.

Today after some planning and waiting I started to build a bike for my friend Camilla who seemed to like my Allez when she borrowed it some week ago (and now). But no Multi-Keyline left so it got all black:

Size 49 incl seatclamp and s-works alu bottle cage bolts. Uncut and cut fork:

Building a bike for a girl is nice when you like weight. A 38cm Specialized Women Shallow S-Works bar is pretty light:

25 lighter than mine 😉

Headset with spacers, expander and a Tune top cap. Then the Pro parts starts:

Roval Team ALX wheelset, try to find a pair of those 😉 Including a set of Specialized Espoir 25mm training tires. Roval carbon hubs, Aerolite (?) spokes and Campagnolo Shamal tubular rims:

That’s a wheelset to care about, pure class. (Stijn Devolder rode a pair at Tour de France 2009).

A Shimano 5800 11-28 cassette:

But it was a bit too heavy, changed the lock-ring for a Sram in alu instead to save some weight:

Borrowed a stem as the right one hasn’t arrived and mounted a saddle and post to see how it becomes:

The seatpost will say S-Works and saddle will be white. White is the colour of Pro.


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