Le Peloton #29 and the breakdown

This morning I was tired as usual at 5.10 but riding fast with great people and push limits is too fun to miss 🙂

Met some people at Urban Deli:

Then we rode away. Was doing okey up to Fisksätra then the 3 hard parts comes.

1st is up to the Ektorp roundabout. Important to sit well and hang on to not get dropped. I was doing okey but after the roundabout they got turbo in the front and people where flying off. A guy in front of me started to drop so I sprinted passed him but it was people with big gaps all climb. Happily it came a redlight and the bunch got back together.

2nd is after the roundabouts in Sickla and up to Hästhagen. Not steep or anything special but it usually goes fast and it’s important to save some energy for the climb up to Hellas. Went good on Christer’s wheel 🙂 And the rode to Älta felt pretty good too, could keep up and felt that I sat in the middle of the bunch instead of last.

Up Lindalen went okey to but it was hard afterwards.

3rd is the next roundabouts where I usually max out but still have a gap and get dropped. Today I could keep up. Felt so good so on the Flaten road I was a bit in the front too, asking what I did there 😉

Then in the bunch there was a guy on clinchers that got a flat rear tire. Never seen it before but it didn’t look so good as we where doing an average of 45km/h on that road. Advanced a bit in the last climb before turning in to Skarpnäck. Came in the corner as 3rd behind Nils and a triathlete. After a bus and keeping the same positions through Skarpnäck and out on the road towards Enskededalen. After that last corner when I was sprinting to keep the wheel in front of me a friend said he pushed 800 watt to keep up on my wheel 😉

Then it was a bit of uphill and it looked like this. I’m the first guy in white helmet:

lasse wasberg

To be in such good position and seeing this picture of people getting dropped is a bit of fun. I’m getting better and seeing some results 😀

Celebrated at bikecafé Le Mond:

Map and stats: Movescount

So after a great and hard morning I had a super after work planned. Riding in the sun, short-short with nice cool people and enjoy my Allez 🙂 Some pictures from that:

Then I started to feel a bit of play while I was pedaling. Felt like my left pedal was worn down or something like that. Stopped a bit later for Patch to fix his seatpost and I tried to find it here:

Discussing while Jimmie taking pictures:

And found the problem. My crank was loose, the bolt in the middle had become loose so nothing worn out. 🙂 Happy but boring as I left the others riding easy back to work to tighten it again. Didn’t want to ruin a super Specialized S-Works crankset. Left after this:

Tightened the crank at work, strange that the bolt was loose as I tightened after I serviced my bike yesterday morning. While working down there I also checked the pedals. The left one felt like it was loose to but when trying to tighten it it was tight. The metal insert with threads in the carbon arm had loosened 😦 So now I got a Specialized S-Works crankset that is worthless, and a roadbike not safe to ride. Don’t want to end up with the pedal coming out. Couldn’t come at a worse time I think. 😦


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