sun, ice cream, sun, cycling, coffee

Was free from work today so what’s the first thing I do? Ride to work of course 😉 The best bike store in Stockholm (Specialized Concept Store) helped me with a new crank arm and the Allez was faster than never before.

Continued in to town for ice cream and sunbathing:

Then back home and had a lunch on the balcony. Awesome summer weather today. Love the Swedish year 🙂

Then changing from casual Cafe du cycliste/Rapha clothing to Café du Cycliste Anoinette bibs and a Suzanne jersey with dotted socks to meat up with with a friend.

Rode out to Färingsö and around there before we headed back. Jessica in clean Specialized clothing along the water:

Ended at what I think is café I miss in Sweden. Not as nice or big menu like bikecafé Le Mond or happy people. But it got the atmosphere or beeing a place to stop while driving your Alfa Romeo for a great coffee and just be cool in an Italian way. Il Caffe with us enjoying the sun:

Back home and the day was over. Really like Stockholm. But the things that makes a city good, like Bergen is friends. Friends who are easy to meat and hang around with, friends that are thinking a bit outside the box and are relaxed 🙂

Map and stats of the beautiful afternoon ride: Movescount


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