Alp de Skarpabacken

At my dad this weekend celebrating Swedish Midsummer and cycling with my strong friend Henrik. Today we met up at Piren in Jönköping, me, Henrik and Christer who joined us for the first part. Me and Henrik went on the small roads up to Gränna and the soon famous Skarpabacken, a 2,3km climb with 6,6% average ending with a bit of gravel. Hard time for me but managed to come up 🙂

Henrik was fast and strong as usual on his SuperX. Great guy to ride with who always finds new nice roads 🙂

On the way back we got a nice view down to Kaxholmen and found a cow that didn’t want to hang out with me

Then back to Jönköping again. 3h20min on the cyclingaccount later. Great ride and happy to have missed the rain 🙂

The bike for the weekend. A Cannondale Caad10 with Sram Red and Zipp 202 from Öster Cykel:


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