Le Peloton #31

If it was good last week this was a bad one. Rained all night but not when I woke up this morning 🙂 Rode to Urban Deli and met up with the others for Le Peloton at 6.00.

16 riders today so the bad weather has a big impact. With just one really fast guy so it was going to be a difficult morning and it was. Got dropped a bit before Fisksätra together with another guy. Turned around and rolled easy on my way back so they could catch me and I got another go. Got caught just before Nacka Forum and it went pretty fast with Rille in front. Got some help after the roundabout in Sickla so got back up and hanged on and even was in front once on the road to Älta. But it wasn’t a smooth ride.

Up the Lindalsclimb a couple of guys got dropped and made a too big gap for me to close. Made a second group (just Rille and Niklas in front) and rode on good to Skarpnäck where a bus ”helped” us get together again.

Full speed on the last straight and then it was over. No good feeling but I did it and hopefully I can do it better next time.

Ended of course with a good breakfast at Le Mond, inside today as the summer is gone.


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