Cannondale Caad12: So good they skipped a Grade

When companies release new bikes that should 15% better of this and 12% better of this and 50g lighter than that and looks in a complete different way. Then you know the old one wasn’t so good.

But when you make a bike that is 170g lighter, has 50% more compliance with a fork where they saved 40g, made it 6% stiffer and with 12,5% more compliance. And it looks the same as the old one?

Welcome Cannondale Caad12:

caad12 caad12 disc

When Specialized and Trek started to get closer they did something and they seemed to have done it good.

What do you think?

They saved over 200g on the disc version. If I would ride Cannondale I would have been choosing between caad 12 disc or Synapse disc. Can’t understand why they not making a disc version of the SuperSIX Evo as Cannondale seems to think it’s so perfect? A Specialized Tarmac disc is beating every Cannondale SuperSIX Evo in every place you need to brake.

Really like the new Caad 12. Specially the Caad12 105 disc, great spec and a great design. Discs is the future in my world.


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