Recovery from yesterday

Last day with sun this week and it was announced an easy ride to take a bath outside Gustavsberg or on Ingarö. Thought that is nice to be outside, want to be better on beachlife. Sit on wheels and get around just so no hard riding 🙂

Started at bikecafé Le Mond with the weeks best espresso and a fresh orange juice:

Then we where 6 riders who left for a bath. Before Gustavsberg Peter (who turned around in Gustavsberg) decided we should ride to Ingarö. And so we did. Rocks is better than sand.

Didn’t sit so much on wheel today but thought I rode pretty easy. Felt good while not pushing to hard 🙂

And at the end of Ingarö we where:

With small clothes on us 😉

Had a fika too of course. But the ”sea” was a bit cold. On the way back we talked about that the announced average speed should have been 27-28km/h but it was over 30 😉 Rode the almost closest way back and felt like a really good day. 🙂 Others thought I was pro today too as I swapped a bottle for a towel on my bike, great place 🙂 This picture by Ena:


Took a little longer way on my way home so I got 100km 😉 Exactly the same average speed as yesterday, a bit funny. 30,05km/h on Movescount.

Map and stats: Strava

Now after seeing the end of Tour de France and looked at Megan Guarnier win todays stage of Giro Rosa I will look at the replays from the XCO World Cup in Lenzerheide. Great with that possibility so I don’t have to be home when the sun is out 😀


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