Le Peloton #36

and the last ride in Stockholm for a while. Tomorrow I start my first vacation week this summer 🙂

An easy week in training occasions this week but hard ones. Today it was time for new Peloton ride:

No ambassador there today so I said something before we started riding in 2 groups. Was around 8 riders in the first group after Fisksätra with 2 that mostly did the job. Not including me even if I tried a couple of times. Got dropped together with 3 others up to Hellas but a strong guy chased back with the rest of us hanging on his wheel. Felt really hard the small ups and downs to Älta and in the last up just before Älta I had to make an effort to hang on. Sprinted with already high heart rate and then I was cooked. Just fell through and the others rode away 😦

Took the shortcut in Älta again and rode alone back to Le Mond:

And last breakfast before Le Mond closes for a short summer break:

Hard riding and good breakfast. Could have been worse 😉 The new thing was that I wasn’t sure about the weather so had my rain jacket in my backpocket. Took it on for the ride from Le Mond to work, where I always freeze. Except today, warm and felt good 🙂

Map and stats until Le Mond: Strava

Now time for some packing as I’m going on vacation after work tomorrow 🙂 A week at my dad with some cycling and hopefully a lot of sun (just a dream). 🙂


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