Thought about a thing in the shower, there are many good words in the world of cycling in different languages. Words that can’t be translated straight and keep the good meaning.

Trilletur is Norwegian and meaning an easy ride. That’s what my plan was today after getting my bike that got sent here. 2 restdays and a planned long ride tomorrow.

But its hard to ride easy alone, specially when the road is going up and down all the time and it started to rain. Rode south towards Bottnaryd and planned of riding the same way back as me and Henrik rode last time I was here visiting my dad. A small rode with nice landscape on the sides, in the middle of nowhere:

Up a long climb, or it’s just 2% but keeps on for 4,7km. Never ending. And riding the rode to Apelskift I waited for another climb that I usually think is hard. It never came.

It even after passing Habo church and this road:

And with a wet bike:

Was an okey ride and not cold in the wet. Great to start riding again but I look forward a week of good weather now 🙂 Need to get a better tan 😉

Map and stats from today: Strava


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