a long beautiful day

My legs didn’t feel so good this morning, neither did the heart rate but I almost never gave up as it was a long beautiful ride on the schedule. Rode down to Torpa Stenhus with Henrik and back up passing Ulricehamn for a wonderful lunch and many small good gravel roads 🙂 Gravelroads on a roadbike is hard but it’s so fun 🙂 Here the sound of carbon wheels with latex tubes on the gravel and enjoying the beautiful ups and downs and corners 🙂

First stop was a Torpa Stenhus for Mur de stenhus:

And instamoments:

Sock style, Rapha vs Ten Speed Hero, of course in Specialized S-Works shoes:

Then riding on some small lovely roads:

Was a bit extra tired when we came to Ulricehamn so no picture of our food, was to good to have it wait 😉 100SEK for a Italian lunch buffé with soda, dessert and coffee, super.

Back home it was more uphill, and uphill and uphill. Even being pretty light I didn’t like climbs today, no power or speed in my legs. Henrik got angry on some holes in the road so had to stop and hit something:

I was just happy for a little pause:

But nice gravelroads 🙂

Tried to get 200km so made 3 extra turns here in Mullsjö but it was to short and I gave up. Home with 198km and tired body.

the only thing that could have been better today was my legs. Weather was perfect, company was great, food where great and the roads is worth riding every one of them. My bike worked just like it should too 🙂

Map and stats from today: Strava


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