almost like Majka, or a trip to Omberg

Rafal Majka is 173cm and 62kg, won yesterdays Tour de France stage as you can see here:

Me and Henrik are almost the same size as Majka but not as good. But we like to ride our bikes and today we headed north to Omberg on some small nice roads:

We stopped for an old stone:

And found the nice Vättern down at Borghamn:

Then we climbed (they do it on the Tour too) on small roads along Omberg:

Of course we rode with a beautiful view:

And Henrik saved the road while holding a stone in place:

We ate a good lunch, not as good as yesterday but good:

Then we rode down to the lake at Ölands beach:

S-Works for the win as you know. The bikes also got some rest at the beautiful forgotten place:

And Henrik found an ”ice cream”:

Then we walked, tried to ride back up, we rode slow back and through Jönköping in the sun and up to Habo where Henrik left me. I used my emergency gel and survived all the way back home. A day to remember, my longest ride on Strava. But a ride with Henrik is always worth remembering with new beautiful roads and get impressed how fast he can ride for so long time. I was mostly wheelsucking as usual.

Map and stats for the 236km ride here: Strava


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