First CX training

Some things in Stockholm is just great. The CX community is one of those things. To be able to train with friends and people you don’t know in an easy way that helps all of us get better. Every Tuesday it’s one of those times when it’s training in Sköndal on the CXtrack there.

Rode together with a friend there and met up the others. Around 10 riders this evening and the plan was to ride 2 laps 3 times with a bit of rest between.

First lap to get to know the course for me, second to be passed by one more guy and ended 5th.

Second round I was more prepared but hit my pedal in something in the first corner so my rear flew a bit but saved it and continued after dropping a couple of places. Chased and it felt hard but good so was able to pass a couple of guys. Passing and getting passed by others on a tight track is also great training. To find places to pass.

3rd round we got company by Alexander too who also got a new CX. Carbon and Sram Rival 1, but with a Force 1 rear derailleur. That derailleur seemed to be fast because after a slow start by him he passed me and two others and not so far after he got up in the lead. He was fast for real 😉 I rode as good as I could.

A great training season and got company by Birjer on the way home.

A pic of half of the riders afterwards:

Did I mention my Crux felt awesome? And after today it will be lighter and even better 🙂 hydraulic disc brakes is a huge improvement even in the dry, feels so easy and you can brake with one finger without so much effort, perfect 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

2xlap times was 11.09, 10.55 and 10.54


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