Le Peloton #43 and Lanterne Rouge

A lot of people this morning with the same goal: Ride fast to get breakfast at café Le Mond.

One Pro, One elite, some strong guys and then people like me 😉 Like usual it feels to hard and felt that I couldn’t hang on as I used to do up the climbs to Fisksätra. But managed to stay in the first group all the way and was up in the front and did some work when I could, or almost could if you ask Sara 😉

And then breakfast:

and we got some nice company by Nicolas who is the man behind all of this Le Peloton:

A great guy training so much more than just cycling.

Map and stats: Strava

Then after a wash of me and my bike and a day of work it was time for the days second ride. Lanterne Rouge with cafecycling Le Mond group. Met up with them close to work and rode the regular route to Gustavsberg. Got company by another guy for a while before he continued with his intervals. My body felt tired as understandable but also I got a bit to little food this afternoon so was hungry in the beginning. Never a good sign and the last part was hard in many ways and my heart rate was real low.

But riding in the sunset is awesome 😀


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