I’m not an aerofan but I do understand the aero advantage. And I like bikes like Storck Aernario (I know it doesn’t look so aero). Usually aero bikes got brakes that has less drag than braking power but the future seems to get it all. Aero and good brakes, will they be comfortable enough for Paris-Roubaix soon too?

Anyway, BH upgraded their aero G6 to a G7. The biggest change is the discbrakes

As it is new for 2016 it of course got 12mm axles front and rear too. You don’t want it to flex when you go fast, do you?

BB386 like usual for BH. I’m not such big fan of it but probably good if you got the right crankset. Clean aerobike with the only thing that looks cheap and in the wrong place is the stem 😉


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