Le Peloton #45 and the legkill

Started the day with meeting the Pro Sara Penton for a ride to Le Peloton, there we met a former World Champion and a lot of others:

Rode around, maybe not as fast as it could be but was hard for me so great training. Here in Fisksätra at the easy part:

Then we had an awesome breakfast at Le Mond:

Longest breakfast in a while and it ended with a projectplan for me. More on that later. I’ve got a dream.

Like last wednesday I met up with some other people after work to totally empty me legs. cafériding it’s said but it can go pretty fast 😉

People ride with aero helmets, Lightweight wheelsets and class is important but everyone are welcome. Great group of great people which always make it fun. To fun to not join I think even if me legs usually needs some rest instead of sprinting up climbs and doing team time trial.


And of course we ride with girls. Good ones:

Hard to have a better after work ride. And today I felt better than last week, maybe because of the ice cream I ate before 😉

Map and stats: Le PelotonLanterne Rouge

Tomorrow will be a resting day so maybe I will blog a long post from Eurobike instead of cycling 🙂 Many new things coming up for us.


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