same CX

2 weeks ago, my first CXtraining on my Super Crux 😉 It was heavy and with Terra mud tires. I was new to the CXcourse. Did laps around 5.30.

Today 2 weeks later with 640g lighter CX, faster tires with Tracer in front and Trigger rear on a course that got some rain on and with good grip (mostly). My laptimes are the same 😦 the starts where better, everything felt better. Rode 3 heats with 2 laps each as earlier. The 3rd heat ended with a sprint with a guy behind my that wanted to pass but never came past, was really hard but fun.

Today we also rode with chips to secure places and be PR0 😉

As usual I think I was the fastest with clinchers 😉 maybe that’s the problem. I need tubulars to go faster. And I need to find my CXpedals a.k.a Eggbeater 4Ti.

Maybe you will get more pictures from today as we had a guy working as crowd, starter, race leader and photographer 😀

Map and stats: Strava


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