Le Peloton #46

12° C, raining and windy this morning. Was both road and CX Peloton, 2-3 it ended and loss of people? Where are all cyclists?

We where 1 fast guy, 1 girl, 1 guy to keep it all together, 1 motivated stylish guy and then there was 1 more.

2 pictures so it looks like we where more 😉

Me, Niklas and Rasmus rode the CX loop. I got dropped quiet early and rode in the rain alone, was hard, miserable and I was really happy to have my Café du Cycliste Jeanne rainbibs and POC rainjacket today 🙂 Was so wet my front light died.

Afterwards we had breakfast at an empty Le Mond. People doesn’t understand that when it’s this miserable the breakfast tastes better and the warmth feels so good 😀 But didn’t got any good picture with water on the lens:

When riding CX on gravelroads in rain things doesn’t get so clean. This is how my legs looked when I came to work:

Map and stats of my not so fast ride: Strava


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