CX as it should be

Got a proper seatpost today no carbon CG-R but an alu Tune Starkes Stück, trying to keep a budget here:

Got a bit later from work than planned so missed the first lap (can be seen in the background of the first picture). Hanged on their 2nd lap and got in racemood.

2nd heat with normal start and I had some problems clicking in but then it was an awesome race. Many riders all over the place and people to pass (and to get passed by), always with people around keeping the pace high. Felt like I started a bit to hard but managed to survive the 2 laps.

3rd heat and we tried a new thing. Slowest first and fastest last in a line with rolling start. Great way to train on passing people and get passed by on the tight track. Ended around same place as usual but kept the guy that beat me in the 2nd heat behind so was happy 🙂

No matter how I ride I’m getting almost the same laptimes, strange. Only the first CX tuesday that was a bit slower. And today I think it was the first time I wasn’t fastest with clinchers (1 guy ahead of me). Small class as most people ride with tubulars that is a huge advantage in CX. Will start building tubular wheels for me tomorrow 😀

A couple of pictures by Joel from today:


Great CX scene in Stockholm and great people to train with. So happy for that. And my Crux is working perfect, best CX I’ve had even thou it’s one of the heaviest too (will be changes with the new wheelset). Will be fun racing in the local series on friday with the big GP Hasse Mård race 🙂

Map and stats from today: Strava


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