Le Peloton #48 and Lanterne Rouge deluxe

This morning it happened again. I put on my S-Works roadshoes, pumped my tires and went out in the early morning to make my muscles suffer more than they thought. With the home feeling on my bike, it feels just so good, we have grewn together and it feels sad that the season soon is over.

Met up with friends and others at Urban Deli:

Today in my latest Café du Cycliste jersey, a blue Lucienne 🙂

We rode fast out to Fisksätra where we also roll easy around the neighbourhood and it is a good time to drink a bit and to take some pictures:

With Magnus, the fast guy:

After trying to catch Lisa Nordén and Nils Penton and after being dropped and chased back again and past some guys in Enskededalen where I was so tired I had a little problem breathing on my bike, just wanted to sit down in the grass at that moment.

But this was ahead at Le Mond so was motivated, a great breakfast:

Map and stats: Strava

Then I got a pair of rims you will be able to read more about tomorrow from Magnus before going to work. Worked and then it was time for this years most important cafecycling. Last ride with Isa before she moves to beautiful Alsace

Sometimes hard to so stopped for a drink and waited for the last ones:

And Emil, the hero of cafériding:

bonus by Daniel:

Ended at Urban Deli where I started. But ate there for the first time. Didn’t feel for something big so ate something good, shrimps and glass of good wine:

Could have a worse time. Great evening with great people. Sad that Isa is leaving us, but she is always welcome back 🙂


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