Le Peloton #49 and GP Hasse Mård

This morning I wanted to ride Le Peloton but should have my cyclocross to work for racing after work. The solution was to meet up with these:


And then join the 3rd group for the shorter ”slower” loop. We became 5 guys in that group with one strong, 3 middle and one hanging on the end. Shared the work within our limits and I had to pedal hard to keep up with my cyclocross tires. The group is supposed to do 32-34km/h in average and today we did 34,6km/h so I was satisfied. Was a bit harder than I had imagined with CX.

But the breakfast tasted great and got some nice reading tips from Sandra. bikecafé Le Mond is the place to be 🙂

Left it for work a bit later in the morning fog. Beautiful mornings now:


And my CX roadstyle with bottle cage and lights:


Map and stats: Strava

After work it was racing time. Of with the lights and bottle cage, off with leg and arm warmers and lowered the tirepressure. 2bar in front and 2,1 in rear with clinchers. Was okey and managed to hit the rim just once on the bumpy track. The start with me far back:


The CX community in Stockholm is really great, talked with a friend about Falun that was the CX town before but they seemed to lost a lot. So in Stockholm I raced like this by Anna Eide-Jensen:

Ended 25th in the mens category (elite, master and others together). I didn’t have the wheels I hoped for, nor did I have the power but I’ve learnt to push limits and know I can press more when it starts to hurt. Never give up. Had a couple of riders behind me half the race too which I wanted to keep behind. Dropped one guy on the second last lap and the other in the beginning of the last lap. I’m better to ride fast when I have people behind than to chase people ahead of me. Even looked good while riding I heard, which was the best to hear this evening.

Clean race and happy ending. Here with Philip McCann who ended in front of me:

And price ceremony:


Karin Pehrsson and Jonathan Östlund won. Karin on the picture (CX is really in need for more women cyclists).

For more pictures from GP Hasse Mård: Anna Eide-Jensen



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