the beauty of riding bikes on roads you’ve never been before

Rapha introduced it for me on the internet, Henrik and Patrik introduced me for it in real life. The beauty of riding on new roads in the middle of nowhere. Asphalt and gravel, friends and enjoying the ride no matter if it’s raining or been sunny.

last year(?) GT came with their Grade:

as the first gravel bike from a big brand. Before everyone talked about cyclocross for riding on gravel but last year the change came big time. Cyclocross became a sport like it should be and Gravel bikes came for everyone wanted to discover new roads no matter of condition, or just people who wants to commute and ride in the winter.

Then Specialized started a campaign named Seek and Diverge. Diverge, the bike that came and sold as fast as people could get their hands on one:

The Diverge is a really do-it-all bike and if you’re not racing I think you could use it all year around for everything that isn’t mtb.

Both the Grade and Diverge is pretty regular bikes, nothing really special but just simple good. Then Cannondale came, laughing at the others like Hooligan is compared to a GT Sub or a Specialized Sirrus. The Slate:

No fendermounts or such things but a damping Lefty fork and 650b+(?) tires making it tighter and to get a snappier feel doing gravel switchbacks.

All three bikes for the purpose of finding new paths, going further and pushing the boundries or what you can do on a ”road”bike.

Next year I want to explore more. How about you, will you join? Any places I shouldn’t miss?


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