Le Peloton #51

Last day meeting up at Urban Deli at 6 a.m (on a roadbike 2015):

DSC_1062 DSC_1061

A nice group today, half group 1 and half into group 3 of the road cyclists and then some cyclocrossers. Rode with the 1st group first but didn’t feel good and the group was hard to ride with today so just after Saltsjö-Duvnäs I turned around. Rode up the climb and waited for the 3rd group.

Took it easy in the 3rd group and it was just a nice ride. Was an attack in the end by 3 guys which Sara Penton caught with me on her wheel. Talked a little and me and Sara decided to attack in the last climb and so we did 😉 Then we rolled to Le Mond for breakfast and talking:


The happy Pentons: Nils was the fastest in the 1st group as usual 🙂


Map and stats: Strava

Now I fixed my roadbike for a great winter rest and to become a training bike at my dad. My most used bike in my life I believe 😉 So great Specialized Allez and hopefully next years bike will be used more and be even better 😀


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