how to make a sandwich hard to eat

This morning a little before 9 me and Patrik sat on Vivels café thinking of how to be able to eat a sandwich and if it was okey to just lay down and have some sleep.

Today’s ride went a bit slower than last thursday but we made it harder. Met up at 7.30 and after I changed my cleats to get a bit earlier release we rode the same lap as last week. But with the small change of going a little more easier on the flats and attack on the climbs. Natural intervals, and it was hard as Patrik is fast but not too fast.

He took some climbs and I some, and I felt the feeling when the body says stop and it just stops sprinting. Also had the feeling when the body didn’t stop and I could just go on. Had the feeling of going max and push a bit more to get ill feeling. Had the feeling of this will never work. Had the feeling of this will work, go go go.

A lot of feelings and a lot of talk about just that.


Map and stats with a lot of PR 😉 Strava

The style of today:


And my Crux got a teammate. Workforce SCS are here:



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