Le Peloton #54

The darkness is here and so is the Le Peloton CX season. Is getting more and more doing the CX-loop and less doing the road loop


My cyclocross isn’t good enough for group 1 and neither am I now. it’s going a bit to slow to give me a great training in group 3 so now it’s CX season for me too. Where 7 riders doing the CX-loop today.

Became between 2 and 4 riders riding together in the middle with me. Had problems being in front as my light isn’t as strong as the others and all I saw was a big shadow of myself. So couldn’t raise the tempo when needed. But halfway we got company from Fredrik who sat the tempo perfect. Had a hard time sitting on wheel but managed it, or almost. Had to drop him on the way back in a climb but had him in sight for a long time and while he dropped me I dropped the 2 guys behind me.

Good thing with the CX-loop is that it’s easy to go hard alone, more climbs where you have to have power to get up proper.

Another good thing is that I made a new personal record on the loop after Tuesday last week, with 21sec 🙂

Then we had breakfast with awesome people at my favourite café, cykelcafe Le Mond:

DSC_1122 DSC_1121

Map and stats: Strava


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