Ride when you can

You should never keep on doing something you don’t like. But you should keep on doing things you like. It may not always be funny doing the things you like but maybe there is a goal with doing the hard parts, just when everything starts to get boring and you don’t got a goal you should stop.

I like cycling so when I can I ride my bike. After working a saturday I had the opportunity to be free from work today and go out riding in the beautiful grey and colourful autumn. Together with Sara and Ena today we did a nice loop south of Stockholm with some new and some old roads. Not blue skies but the grey clouds and the rain hanging in the air got it’s charm too 🙂

DSC_1132 DSC_1133

A a picture of me on a short stop by Ena:


Ended the ride at work changing back to my ”trainingwheels” and cxtires. Hard life as the bike gained 1kg. And had to ride home in rain. But awesome with a bath afterwards 🙂

Map and stats: Strava


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