Le Peloton #55

The morning started with this seasons boring thing, the time it takes to get dressed. Takes a lot of time and I became a bit late so had to ride a bit faster than usual to Urban Deli. But got in time and met up with these:


Seems like the 1st group is gone for the season as it was just a group 3 and CX today. No one managed to keep up with Nils but we became a nice group of 6-7 riders riding together. Felt like I was on the limit most of the time but managed to hang for a long time. On the gravel back from Erstavik there is a long uphill where I had to drop and after trying to get back up it felt like I was standing still.

Did all I can to get back to Le Mond and ended up like this:


thinking: Dropped dead.

The good things (except breakfast) where that I managed to hang on much longer than I thought, a PR on the loop 😀 and it felt awesome. Awesome being able to ride with great people and get the feeling that I couldn’t have pushed harder in any time to make it better 🙂

My bike worked flawless as usual and felt good with the tirechange yesterday. Specialized Terra in front now and Tracer rear


Seems like I will use my 46t chainring a bit more too, great combo with 46 in front and 11-32 cassette

Map and stats: Strava


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