Le Peloton #56

You know when you jump on a bike and it feels like home? When you don’t have to think and it just works and fits perfect. Then you know it’s your bike and love. My Crux has become like that, takes some time to not think about a bike but when it happens it’s just good 🙂

Today it was a cold morning with just 1° C so used my Specialized winterclothes from last winter, felt like a long time ago and still sad that I crashed my Cafe du Cycliste winterbibs :(. Anyway, racewheels on and it felt great going to Urban Deli to meet these wonderful people:


And Niklas who took a picture at the same time. A small group 3 on road for the last (?) time this season and what could have been a group in the forest doing the heavy CX-loop. Last wednesday it was a couple of guys in front and a couple behind but in the middle we where a group riding together, almost. Today it felt like it was 1 to 3 riders maximum together and in the beginning it felt pretty good 🙂 Then my gears didn’t want to work so had to stop and move the derailleur so it could work again. Back up and together with the chasing group for a little bit.

Then we got spread out and after riding with Sara a bit I started to chase the light in front of me. chased the hole loop at Erstavik and caught him on the climb on the way back. Rode together and shared the work, was good.

As last week I got a new PR on Strava for the loop, so great to see progression and my racewheels is so much better than the original. Stiff and light with tubulars 😀

Map and stats: Strava

Ended at Le Mond feeling a bit dizzy and trying to be social:



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