Coffeeride with icecream

End of road season party on friday, but I got convinced to ride on road today anyway. Hard to say no to ride with friends to the best café between Stockholm and Strängnäs and even got to borrow a pair of roadtires (Conti GP 4 Season).

So a little after 10 this morning we where 10 riders leaving bikecafé Le Mond heading to Turinge and Mångfaldens hus. Was a bit messy in the beginning but when we came out to Bornsjön it got better.


Had to get a picture of Linda’s natural place, on the wheel of Rille, but here to far behind.DSC_0014

Rille sat the tempo with Linda behind and I hanged on too. Second turn we lost Rille for a short while. He waited and then we hanged on for the rest of the ”loop” around Bornsjön. A stable wheel to hang on but he’s strong.

Was some times afterwards to I would have wanted to bite my bartape as it was a bit to hard for me but survived and did it ok with my Crux. A roadbike feels so much faster and is easier to go faster with no matter if it’s an Allez or S-Works Tarmac. Geometry has so much to say.

A groupie in Turinge:


Then it was time for the thing we all rode for, coffee and cake. Or, I got icecream because I could 😉 love it:


And nice parking outside:

On the road back we had some tailwind and it went a bit faster 😉 It’s fun to go fast but sometimes it’s too fast for me. Sat in front with Rille and going a little uphill I had a heartrate of 177 and had to check the speed. 40km/h. Over the top and when Rille pushed on some more going downhill I had to drop at 50km/h. Maybe the thing where I lost my energy, was hard all the way home.

A hard ride but fun and good. Think this was my last ride on road this year, going over to gravel rides and new roads before the snow and winter comes for real. Looking forward spending this winter on my Crux 🙂

Map and stats: Strava


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