Le Peloton #57

Today it was such a day where I thought I would drop first and be alone thinking of just skipping it and go straight to Le Mond. Heavy legs and it all started with Magnus sailing away in the first climb. hmm.

We caught him and became a little peloton even sharing the pace a bit. Then we caught Calle who went of early with Per (who is faster than everyone). Felt a bit easy out to Erstavik but knew that I wouldn’t be that all the way. On the way back up the long climb where I got dropped a couple of weeks ago after being in front a little I thought I would drop. But I didn’t and on the top of the climb I even went up in front and lead the group down the sandy downhill. Best way to make the pace not to high is to sit in front 😉

There somewhere the group got smaller and it was me, Christian, Calle and Fredrik and a new guy left. Fredrik attacked and dropped us a bit later. Me in front down to Hellas and a bit after. Christian and Calle came in front after and shared the pace. Just the new guy not doing anything. Christian and Calle got a bit of a gap at the end but not many seconds.

A new personal record on the CX loop, for many of us today 😀 So well deserved breakfast at bikecafé Le Mond.

a picture from the start:


Map and stats: Strava

Was so happy of my Crux so it got a new better chain. And I’m thinking if it would be good sitting like on my roadbike on my CX. New CX saddle and a little more setback than this morning. S-Works x2 😉



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