Le Peloton #58, a year have passed

1 year ago I did my first Le Peloton ride. Got invited by Johan at work. First time and first time lost in a new forest. Was dead last and alone. But didn’t give up!

The week after it was the first time I had breakfast with the others after been riding with Johan.

Now a year later I’m still hanging around:


By Le Peloton I learnt to be welcome even when getting dropped early. I’ve learnt how to ride fast and how to save energy riding fast. Learnt to take corners better. And met many good people 😀

1 year after my start I’m sitting in the Peloton group and can even help with the work. Today I was in the first group but it got smaller and smaller. Halfway up a small but hard climb I got up in front and dropped a guy. Wasn’t my purpose but he didn’t have the legs. Emile was on my wheel but didn’t have the legs to go up in front anytime. It was me and Emile the rest of the ride in front. Fastest of the day and got really tired. Not my fastest ride but couldn’t have gone any harder.

Was supposed to celebrate with a cinnamon roll with my breakfast but forgot it while watching Magnus washing his bike on the street outside Le Mond:


Today on Patrik’s Specialized Crux Pro with Force 1 and special tubular wheels. It’s really fast:


Map and stats (missed to start my watch after we left Urban Deli): Strava


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