Gravelriding with Punctureparty

Were 6 riders leaving Hammarby Sjöstad this morning for a gravelride to Dalarö and back. No one thought we should come home with 4(!) punctured tubes. A great ride but it was wet and today it was cold hands and feets for me, took like 45min to get cold feet and a little bit later they were wet too…

But anyway, even in the rain and on the very wet and soaking gravelroads it was great. I live to ride on new roads and I think my Crux does too 😀

Singletrack is the shit with cx/gravelbikes:


12243799_10153120424531302_1633545502_n Some are eating, some are fixing a bad rimtape: 12233474_10153509910394584_414500028_n

So good with singletrack I show another picture while waiting on Fredrik:


Last puncture 20m from the café:


The first puncture which ended with 2 punctured tubes and 2 empty air cartridges (?):


So fun I will do another ride tomorrow 😉

Map and stats from today: Strava

Happy to be able to do this ride after what happened in Paris last night. We are all humans and everyone is worth the same. Some who doesn’t believe don’t contribute to the hashtag #prayforparis but for us who does, let’s unite and pray for the people in Paris no matter of religion. If I would have been there I would have been happy if someone prayed for me, no matter if they are christians or muslims or something else. Every religion is for peace and let’s help to make the world peaceful!


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