Le Peloton #59


We were not so many today, 3 more joined and the superfast guys are missing. Really slippery morning to with temperatures around 0° C which took down two guys already before we gathered. Wonder how it went for the 2 doing the roadloop in this weather.

The CX-loop was like usual and while no one is superfast we are a group working good together and making life hard for the rest 😉 Me, Calle, Niklas, Michael and Christian is the usuals keeping the pace proper and having a great time together.

It felt easy today but I couldn’t have gone faster, feels like my body tells me to take it easy and so I will this week. Christian crashed on the way back on a descend which had everything stop up a bit, he was okey but were only 3 guys afterwards in the first group. Was a bit off for a second until we got some pace back. In the end Calle tried to attack and I hanged on. Until in a tight corner were I lost my front wheel 😦

Got back up and rode the last seconds of the Strava segment and it just hurt a little after my crash. Said goodbye to Calle and Michael who wasn’t going to Le Mond and rode towards bikecafé Le Mond alone. Saw my jacket had a red spot on my arm and thought if I was bleeding from my head. I wasn’t and hadn’t touched the ground with ot. Was my left hip that was bleeding 😦


It made my day at work a bit painful but I will survive and as long as it’s nothing worse I can take it.

More funny was that bikecafé Le Mond got awarded as the best café in Stockholm 😀

Happy for Kalle and Corina making  this the place to be 😀

Map and stats from today: Strava


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