The Diverge!

It’s the same every year, next year I will learn to not aim at cyclocross. Today I sold my cyclocross and got a bike that is made for my dreams.


Specialized Diverge Comp Carbon. Was supposed to be a Comp DSW but I work at the best store in the world, Specialized Concept Store Stockholm so it became a Comp Carbon 😉

Compared to my Crux this bike is 15mm shorter, 10mm lower and made for comfort on long bad roads without so much mud. It has Shimano 105 and it’s really smooth.

Normally it has alu parts but that’s no fun or cool so this is a bit rebuilt like my bikes tends to be. But more S-Works than usual:

Toupe saddle, 36/46 chainrings and of course a 40cm wide handlebar.

The bike got cool hipsterthings like a metal plate with the name on:


So how about the ww-ism on the bike then.


Think that is okey as it’s around 9kg out of the box without pedals and bottle cage.

Felt soft riding home in the wrong clothes. Specialized Stix lights is keeping it safe:

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4 tankar på “The Diverge!

  1. Hej. Fin cykel den gröna Divergen. Du som jobbar på en Specializedbutik. Vet du vad Diverge Comp Smartweld (aluversionen) väger ur kartong ? Sugen på denna modell. Vet du om Specializeds egna skärmar fungerar för vinterträning på asfalt o grusvägar ?

    Mvh: Fredrik-Öland

    • Väger ca 9,5kg i storlek 54 eller om det var 52. Har precis monterat Specializeds Plug’n’Play skärmar på min så tror nog de ska fungera bra 🙂 På med ego och kompislapp bara så. Bra val av cykel för vinterträning de


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