Cold and great sunday

The winter temperatures are here. today was time to use my Assos winterjacket, only to be used when it’s really cold. Just cold so just had a thin short armed base layer underneath. Tried my fleece lined bibs and leg warmers too if they could handle they cold. Was awesome 🙂 Only thing that wasn’t awesome was my gloves but I survived.

Rode with Emile to Liljeholmstorget and met up with some more people. Rode over Essingen to Brommaplan and met up with the rest. A lot of people gathered for a ride that was started by a question at work and spread through Facebook, mouth, sms and Messenger.


Even if I like my Diverge I tried horseriding today. Was super fun and Camilla captured the adventure:

Have to enjoy extra breaks when Jimmie had a puncture. Wasn’t as funny when Isabella had a broken chain and we had to wait again but as sunny:


A fun day that maybe wasn’t the best way to train but good for motivation and love to see new places with great people 🙂

Map and stats: Strava


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